A bit late, but here is a summary of the events from the training day back in January by Calum Cresser:

On the 29th January the Tees Tigers had a training day at Holme Pierrepont.  The day was a day for the beginners to get used to the rough stuff! And the more ‘advanced’ paddlers to get some hardcore training! This day in my opinion served its purpose as the beginners looked happy, and Brandon was trying so hard he went through Matt to get the full benefit of Nottingham!

When I arrived on the scene (late as usual!) it looked very constructive. Darren was belting out orders; I mean courses, from the side. Furthermore everyone on the water looked like they sort of understood what he was telling them to do. So everyone comes down, does the first course all good, then finally Ben comes down and does the unthinkable he rolls! I was shocked and stunned, so shocked I missed Brandon smashing through the side of poor Matt’s boat.

So when I did get on the group was full of enthusiasm and by enthusiasm I mean everyone was, as Emma Taylor would say, ‘buzzing’! So as we trekked down the course bit by bit the group was starting to look like they were starting to enjoy themselves and become more and more confident. Everyone looked as though Nottingham had turned from a nasty cold scary place to a place that you looked forward to going to.

Finally for each person who went I think that they all got a benefit out of each session, Brian’s was that he needs to work on his roll! But if it was just a little benefit I think everyone would think it’s worth it.

(Editor’s note: Brian did go on to practice his rolling technique at the pool sessions and hopefully will be more prepared next time he goes to Nottingham!)

HPP Training Day – 29th January