The North East regional local league for canoe polo started up again this weekend, organised and ran by Tees Tigers.  The location has moved a little further north this year, from it’s usual pool in Darlington to Tynemouth pool, but with the first tournament at West Denton in Newcastle.  The local league format is a great way to promote the sport in the region, giving those players not competing in the national leagues the chance to compete over the winter and those who are some much needed practice!

Read on to see the latest league table.

So, most importantly the Div 1 league table!  This is how it stands after the first tournament (with only 1 goal difference between the top two teams!!!):

1st      Tigers A
2nd    Tigers B
3rd     Newcastle Old Boys
4th     Tynemouth
5th     Morpeth
=         Newcastle Uni

As to the rest of the tournaments, Div 2 kicks off this weekend at Tynemouth, completing on the 3rd December.  And Div 1 are set to play again on the 10th December, 28th January and the 3rd March, all at Tynemouth pool.

Local league kicks off with a splash